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What The Heck Is Disapproving Rabbits?

Who knew that an unwanted $15 rabbit would live the internet dream of getting her own book deal from her website?

It started years ago when Sharon and Bill Stiteler owned their first rabbit, a dwarf hotot mix named Latte. Tiny and cute as he was, he would hunker up in the bedroom and stare at them like a little Winston Churchill. He just always looked like he didn't approve... of anything.

Over the years, the Stitelers lived with other bunnies (all disapproving) and took photos of them documenting their disdain of the human race, but things came to a head when Sharon found Cinnamon at the St. Paul Humane Society. It was love at first sight on Sharon's part, aloof disinterest on Cinnamon's part. Cinnamon had been been an Easter gift and was no longer wanted by the family after spring had turned to summer. Sharon and Bill welcomed her into their home and Cinnamon would frequently join Sharon at her then job of managing a Wild Bird Store where Cinnamon amassed a local fan base. She's even appeared a few times with Sharon on one of her tv segments.

In 2004, at the request of a tattoo artist, Sharon started Birdchick.com. As Bill was setting up the website, Sharon told him to include a gallery of Disapproving Rabbits. Bill said Sharon was nuts, but Sharon persisted, insisting "If just one person finds this on a lunch break and gets a giggle, it will be worth it."

Since Sharon's passion for birds was the point of the site, Disapproving Rabbits didn't get that much promotion, but people found it and would send emails demanding more disapproval. Cinnamon became a fixture in the blog, and readers began submitting photos of their disapproving buns. Then, in the fall of 2006, an editor from Harper Collins emailed and asked if Sharon would like to turn Disapproving Rabbits into a book. It was like winning the internet lottery. You hear of people creating sites and then getting book deals, but you never expect it to happen to you. From there life went pretty fast and the book comes out October 16, 2007.

Cinnamon lives a pampered life in Uptown Minneapolis where any number of organic fruits and vegetables are at her disposal and never hesitates to reminder her human companions that she's now the one bringing home the bacon and that they should mind their Ps and Qs if they wish to remain part of her ever growing entourage.

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