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I have pet rabbits and I love them. I try to talk to them about birds and various other topics but they frequently disapprove. They are cute, yet set in their ways.

Pictured here are Latte (white), Hazel (black), and Cinnamon, in various states of rabbit disapproval.

To learn more about being a rabbit owner, please visit or the Minnesota House Rabbit Society.

I'm Latte, and I disapprove of this message.

I disapprove of the lack of bunny-sized shirts.

Hazel: the rabbit that disapproved of Christmas.

Left: Latte preparing to disapprove.
Right: Total rabbit disapproval.

Hazel cocks an ear, ready to disapprove at any moment.

The result of this disapproval: 14 dead, 12 injured.

Cinnamon disapproves of shabby chic.

Latte gets groomed: Murder, mayhem, blood, disapproval.

I disapprove of presents that aren't for me.

Leave me alone, I'm working.

I disapprove of this website.

So I sez to Mabel, I sez...

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