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A thaw of disapproval

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Spring is finally here, and the disapproval is in full bloom!

After fully disapproving, the bull moose bunny has been known to charge.

Aristotle theorized that an ideal disapproval would be made up only of spheres and lines.

The mysterious builders of Disapproval Island vanished without a trace, leaving only these sculptures behind...

Why should I get out of bed? I can disapprove of you just fine from right here.

Sigh, why must the human race be such a disappointment?

Will you turn the heat down!? Some of us are wearing fur coats, for crying out loud.

Short bunny, venti disapproval.

The disagreeable force meets the insatiable object.

Elegant bunny,
Disapproving in the sun.
Man, did I screw up.

I want my coffee, I want my donut, I want my gossip columns, and I want you to not cheese me off until lunch... Ugh, too late.

The lapine symbol of justice: an empty food dish, a dry water bowl, and a rabbit silently judging you... guilty...

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