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D to the I to the S to the approval.

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In honor of all the new disapproval fans, a new page for May.

And in case you missed it, here's a video of Cinnamon herself, in a less disapproving moment:

The drop cloth? Oh, nothing... it's just here to soak up all the blood.

Sometimes a disapproval is so intense,
bunnies get stuck together.

Red eyes in the morning,
Humans take warning!

The real inspiration for Van Gogh? Right here.

And as I headed down the tunnel, I saw a being of pure light, who came towards me and said "You suck."

Mad Stylin' Disapproval.

Me? I'm fine. But my friend Mr. Hammer would like to have a few words with you...

Fear my mighty war chariot!

They tried to make me give approval; I said no, no, no!

I disapprove of this disapproval!

Summertime and the disapprovin' is easy.

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