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I usually take Cinnamon with me on my birding adventures.

I think she enjoys travelling, if only because it gives her new things of which she can disapprove.

Lately we've been taking her to the park, and although she approves of eating every plant that gets in her way, she disapproves of just about everything else she sees there.

I didn't approve this trip you're taking. Unpack immediately.

I don't approve of hippies.

I disapprove of all you peasants.

M'yah, see? I don't approve of being called
Edward G. Robinson-Bunny-Pants

I disapprove of eating so much. Urp!

I disapprove of eating Solid Pack Pumpkin
straight from the can.

Is this socks? It sounds like socks.
I don't approve of socks for a gift.

Must you engage in that sort of activity in public?

I don't approve of this décor... it stinks. Not enough rabbits.

I don't approve of my ornament hanging this low.

Can I go home now?
I don't approve of anything going on out here.

Cinnamon hides and waits to administer a surprise
(and much needed) disapproval..

And I'll tell you another thing I disapprove of (hic!)...

I disapprove of being exploited in this manner.

I disapprove of what you do on the internet!

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