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As disapproval mania sweeps the nation, Cinammon has opened the doors to the rest of the disapproving rabbits. There are so many of them it's almost like she's... building an army...

Anyway, enjoy these new photos. Special thanks to the owners and buns, and watch for more pages coming up soon!

Louie disapproves of you earthlings!

Isabella senses a powerful disapproval in the Force.

Niblet disapproves of your weeding while approving of tasty weeds. Deal with that!

In the ancient bunny monasteries, the secrets of
one-eared disapproval are passed on from master (Grumphus) to pupil (Millie).

Brickle disapproves so much, he tries blending into the couch to escape.

Grumphus practices hypno-disapproval! You are getting sleepy... sleeeeeeeepy... you will put the
head of lettuce on the flooooooor...

A new breakthrough! Mr. Bunny and Bunzie have perfected Reinforced Disapproval!

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