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More overwhelming pictures of bunny disapproval! More coming!

A single molecule of Disapprovium,
the hardest element in the universe to please.

I disapprove of this sweater.
I'm clearly an "autumn."

And you wonder why they disapprove?

"I don't approve of new fangled plastic eggs."

Ha! This stem does not meet the board of bunny standards.

When cornered, a bunny can disapprove to twice its normal levels.

Stunned, Oedipus pondered; what does disapprove on four legs in the morning, four legs in the afternoon, and four legs in the evening?

Never give a bunny decaf.

Sometimes being lower on the food chain
means you get head licks from above.

And lo, the Angel of Disapproval was visited upon them, and the people were confused, and were not quite sure what they had done wrong...

100% Organic Free-Range Disapproval.
No artificial colors or preservatives.

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