Israel Raptor BONANZA!

  • Hula valley Israel
Black kites!

Black kites!

Do want an adventure?

White-throated kingfisher--one of the many birds we'll see.

Jungle cat!

Jungle cat!

Do you want to take a vacation that will include mind bending birds as well as the possibility of seeing Israeli wolf, mongoose, hyrax and jungle cat?

Would you like to have time to rest and enjoy the culture of an area and not get every single flycatcher out there on a list?

Want to hear my crazy stories after I've had a Jameson?

Come with me to Israel! A major migratory corridor where we will see hundreds of kites, eagles, hawks and thousands of common cranes? Do you like the photo at the top of this page? I took that with my iPhone in Israel in 2011. 

Our trip will be safe, show you life in another country as you can't see it in the news and give you lots of stories to share with your friends. Bring your smartphone and I'll get you photos you can use as a calendar material for next year. 

Life is short, bird Israel with me. Visit Wildside Nature Tours for details. 

October 18
Birds and Beers