Birdchick Podcast #207 Fallout, Misidentified Birds, Twitter Wars

This podcast is brought you by WildSide Nature Tours. Come with me to an ancient land to watching thousands of migratory birds like common cranes, storks, spoonbills and red kites. We'll also look for Palestine sunbird, jungle cat and white-throated kingfisher on my Raptor Bonanza Tour in Israel in November--history, culture and birds all combine for the birding trip of a lifetime. Israel is one of the most unique countries you can visit for birds, it's a major flyway for European and Asian birds as they head south into Africa. 

This podcast is also brought to you by Holbrook Travel. Would you like to get away to Central America and hone your smartphone digiscoping technique on toucans, parrots and dazzling hummingbirds? Join me in Belize next March

The search is officially on in Cuba for ivory-billed woodpeckers

Insane spring warbler fallout photos from 2011

Some duck stamp artists are not happy about a proposed change to the stamp art

Some weirdo is apparently eating bald eagles

This is the most badass red-tailed hawk you will see this year. 

I got in a Twitter war over what I felt was an unfair segment about the Great Texas Birding Classic...and the host replied. 

Birdchick Podcast #206 Albatross, Honduras and Jobs

Wisdom with John and Yoko.

Wisdom with John and Yoko.

Wisdom and mate displaying on the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Wisdom and mate displaying on the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Have historical photos from the last 62 years? Send them to me and we have a guy who might put Wisdom the Albatross in them!


Sharon: Baby Birds.

Non Birding Bill: Still Buffering.


Birdchick Podcast #203 Weezer, Vultures and the ABA