Birdchick Podcast #180 New Sibley and TMZ Tackles Diversity in Birding

The downside to birding becoming gets covered in a very cringeworthy segment on TMZ.

Guy in trouble for "rescuing" eaglets

There's a Kickstarter for a "Shazam" app for bird id called Warblr, meanwhile we still await the arrival of BirdGenie and I've been playing with something called Twigle.

A revised Sibley is out.

More on ortolans and poaching. Thanks, Craig!

Birdchick Podcats #179: Drones, Ortolans, Owls stuck in cars!

Popular comic xkcd ponders the question of "Where do birds go when it rains?"

Eating a small bird called the ortolan bunting: French tradition or some weird fetish?

You need to vote (once a day) for your favorite birding spot in the US. I don't want to tell you how to vote, but dang it, how is the Rio Grande Valley not in the top ten??

It's an owl stuck in a car's grille...again.

A compilation of birds vs drones.


Birdchick Podcast #177: Media Blitz!

The Washington football team controversy and the colloquial name for the Long-Tailed Duck.

The Vikings Stadium glass protest.

Shaz is in Minnesota Monthly!

Sharon is also a character in Swift Justice: A Bob White Murder Mystery by Jan Dunlap!

Sharon is now on Ello. Does she need to be?

The Dork Tower comic strip inspired by NBB!

More talk about how solar plants can kill birds.

The Winter Finch Forecast of 2014/15. Excitement city.