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A Little Disapproval Cleansing

After the last twenty-four hours, I thought I might cleanse the blog and give you an online experience of feeding Cinnamon treats and giving her velvety face some scratching–all the while taking in the brunt of her disapproval.

15 comments to A Little Disapproval Cleansing

  • hellZiggy

    Well I know that can’t be *your* hand skritching the lovely Ms. Cinnamon because that hand does not have blue nail polish!

    ~other Sharon

  • Susan Gets Native

    Thanks for that. A little cleansing was definitely in order.

    Yeah, where’s the blue?
    Word verification: pokmewgo…sounds like a disease.

  • Dea

    I like.

    May I ask who is singing that version of “I can’t give you anything but love”?

  • birdchick

    I do sometimes give my nails a rest between colors.

    That is Doris Day singing “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby”.

    I got it from iTunes.

  • archi ann


  • eriesargonaut

    That’s just so cute. I love that nose wiggling. After watching the news all day it’s nice to see a cute rabbit.

  • spacedlaw

    Thanks for the lighter touch.
    Cinnamon has a most disapproving way to munch.

  • amelia

    What a lucky bunny!!

  • Phelony Jones

    fuzzy face, suede nose, love the bunnies :)

  • Jess

    Disapproval smischapproval. She loves it. The little minx.

    I mean rabbit.

  • bluesaffron

    Nothing like a wise and gentle Fur Person to make you feel better.

  • The Mountain Girl News

    I must admit, I enjoyed this down the the tips of my toes! The nose just gets me every time! Thank you for posting this. The song playing in the background was the perfect touch.

  • birdchick

    My favorite bits are when you see her tongue whip out a couple of times and then at the end when her chewing stops when I stop stroking her ears.

    I actually took three videos and was having a tough time deciding which one was the best to put up. There’s one with some pretty intense disapproval but it’s a tad out of focus.

  • RuthieJ

    that was so cute!! and the background music added the perfect touch. Thanks Sharon!

  • Anonymous

    I am just in love with little Cinnabuns!