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Word On Disapproving Rabbits

Well, I just got off the phone with Harper Collins and got some great news about the Disapproving Rabbits book – both Barnes and Noble and Borders have ordered large quantities of the book! Actually, those two orders are more than half of the first printing–I think that’s a good sign. Whoot!

We’re now in the process of scheduling signings and appearances. If you think that your local book store or tv station would be interested in booking us (I’m going to try and take Cinnamon with me when I can) then email me at sharon at birdchick dot com. Also, if you know of any publications in your area that might appreciate a press release, please let me know.

The official date the book is ready for sale is October 15–right before Cape May Autumn Weekend/First Annual Blogger Conference.

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  • Brook

    I would love to see you come to Michigan. I belong to a group called Michigan Rabbit Rescue — maybe an event could be worked out in cooperation with a bookstore and MRR. Here is the email address of the director — Their website is

  • spacedlaw

    Any book touring planned for Italy ?
    Our parsley is VERY tasty.

  • Craig Steffen

    Whoooooo! Yay! Congratulations! That’s terrific!

    I don’t think I have any suggestions as far as places for appearance. I’m a transplant from South Dakota and Minnesota to Kentucky; I’m not sure how much enthusiasm would be generated here about a book about bunnies that wasn’t a cook book.

    I assume you’ll at least ping DreamHaven about the idea?

    Good luck with the signing tour. The signings will be shortly after the book is available, right?

  • Anonymous

    congrats on the book’s success. speaking of your books, what’s the status of your bird book? has that been put on hold?

  • Peggy

    Cinnamon looks like she’s saying, “We’re going where? I don’t THINK so.”

  • birdchick

    I wish I knew what was going on with the bird book. Last month Adventure Publications apologized and said that they had put it on their back burner and that is was now a priority and should be out soon.

  • NatureWoman

    Yay!! Congratulations Sharon! I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon today.

  • Maureen

    What about your old stomping grounds in Indy? The WBU stores here might be interested (Stan did his preso at the one in Avon a couple of years back). They have various wildlife shows typically in October and April.


  • bluesaffron

    Congratulations on the great news, with the big orders from Barnes and Noble and Borders!

    It would be great if you could make a trip to Toronto, for the Word on the Street (September 30th)or the International Festival of Authors (October 17 – 27th)

    Best wishes, B.

  • Hellziggy

    Gosh, I hope you manage to do a signing/appearance somewhere near me… *grin*

    I think you need to have a big book release bash somewhere here in Mpls. I’d totally show up for it!

    ~Other Sharon

  • Sarah & Andrewbun

    We are in Akron Ohio, and we have a huge Barnes & Noble and a huge Borders. They regularly have book signings at both.
    Does this mean we could Meet Cinnamon? AWESOME!!!

    Sarah & Andrew Bun

  • Joyce

    Please visit the Red Balloon (the St. Paul children’s bookstore) and of course Wild Rumpus (the Linden Hills children’s bookstore with pets to pet and whistle at.)

    Let us know when you come and I’ll even show up somewhere.


  • Anonymous

    You’ll post your in store appearances, yes? Please come to New York!

  • Mary

    Son+Heir and I will come to whatever local one you do. Like Other Sharon said, you deserve a big book bash around here.

  • archi ann

    hey – congrats – it’s so exciting! and still odd that the bunny book makes it before your bird book :-)

    i wanted to make you aware that Petsmart, which has not sold dogs, cats and rabbits, is going to test market selling rabbits :( seems like it will just propagate a problem with rabbits in shelters.

    if you are interested and don’t mind check out the article and there’s a petition you can sign

  • Anonymous


  • birdchick

    Chill out, the books can be shipped overseas. I don’t think Bush has put a ban on disapproval…yet.

  • Exhaustedlonghorn

    We have a fantastic bookstore called Book People in Austin that would be perfect for you and Cinnamon! The last book signing I went to there, they served free beer and snacks–why do Birds and Beer when you can do Bunnies and Beer and make some bucks at it as well? Even better, Whole Foods is right across the street, so you can stock up on organic free range parsley! Please???

  • kathleen

    I think you should have a little rabbit pawprint stamp made so Cinnamon can more easily sign her autograph at book signings, although she might disapprove of autographs completely.