My New Book


How Cinnamon Spent The First Day Of Her Book Release

“Yes, that’s it, rub my ears.”

“Hey, wait! Who said you were finished? Don’t pull that hand away!”
(butts head urgently against my retreating hand)

“That’s better, keep rubbing my ears. I almost approve of you.”

6 comments to How Cinnamon Spent The First Day Of Her Book Release

  • spacedlaw

    “almost” being the operating word.
    But then again she thoroughly deserves the cuddle (fame being such a difficult thing to accept at times).

  • bluesaffron

    Cinnamon looks quite content in her little box castle. Does she chortle too when she bunts her head? Guinea pigs I’ve known and the rats around here do the same bunting move and make all sorts of interesting noises when they want a cuddle.

  • dguzman

    Almost. So close, and yet so far. That Cinnamon’s a toughie.

    Glad to see she’s enjoying the fruits of her disapproval.

  • Driver B

    Congratulations Cinnamon!

  • Susan Gets Native

    I guess it takes her face on the cover of a book for her to get anywhere NEAR approval. Better start working on the next one!
    BTW: Will you be bringing copies to Cape May? I’d love to get one directly from you. Lovingly inscribed, of course.

  • birdchick

    I will be bringing some books, as many as my suitcase will fit.