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MSNBC Holy Crap

MSNBC has a story about rabbits on the Internet and it features Cinnamon and Disapproving Rabbits!

5 comments to MSNBC Holy Crap

  • Anonymous

    I was just about to send you a link to the site!!

  • spacedlaw

    Awsome article !

  • rmharvey

    Have you set up a Google Alert on “disapproving rabbits”? Go to Google, click on the News option, search for “disapproving rabbits” (include the quotes), and there will be a prompt at the bottom, “Get the latest news on disapproving-rabbits with Google Alerts.”

  • RuthieJ

    How cool for you and NBB and Cinnamon! Life as you know it will never be the same now that you’re sharing your abode with a “celebrity rabbit!”

  • andrewbun

    I am going to print that article and have my daughter show it to her college professor, who, upon seeing my Andrewbun’s blog – said “your mom must have too much time on her hands!” Ha! He is the one that needs to get with the program and see that Bunnies are where its at!

    Sarah & Andrewbun