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Porcupet Sweeping The World

Remember those videos of the porcupet (aka baby porcupine). I had them on Google Video and last week, I transferred them to You Tube–Holy Crap, the one of the baby porcupine eating a banana had 16,000 views yesterday and today it’s past 27,000! I just got a message from someone who produces an animal show on a BBC station asking if they can use it. On top of that, Neatorama picked it up so I’m getting a double wammy from them with the Disapproving Rabbits promotion. The internet is a strange and wonderful place!

9 comments to Porcupet Sweeping The World

  • E

    Would make a neat cartoon character…

  • Maureen

    I remember when you first posted that video. I showed it to my husband and sons and we were all entranced. I’m not surprised it’s so popular on YouTube or that the BBC are interested. It’s absolutely priceless! You must be so chuffed (that’s Brit speak for pleased)!

  • archi's mum

    They are great videos! Amazing how many hits. So cool! Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    He is very cute. I was wondering did your friend end up releasing him into the wild or will he be at a zoo or animal rehabilitation type place ?

  • spacedlaw

    No real wonder: the little creature was (still is I hope – no chance of an update ?) so cute.
    I had put a link to those videos on my LiveJournal and my visitors loved him.

  • bluesaffron

    It’s so sweet, how there are kisses first and then how they gently hold the food with tiny clawy paws. Beasties can be so trusting. They let you think that you’re helping them, but I don’t know…it seems to go evenly both ways.
    And yes, the internet is pretty wonderful.

  • spacedlaw

    I was looking for the baby bottle feeding one. Did you put this one as well ? I just did repost the banana one (you just can’t have too much cuteness around) and would love to do the same with that other one which is my favourite.

  • Anonymous

    Um… That’s how my husband sounds when he eats. Somehow the porcupet is so much cuter when he’s eating. Oh well…