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Disapproval Partay! Friday Night!

Above is the man responsible for getting Disapproving Rabbits to the masses. That’s Matthew who was my editor on the book. I got to meet him for the first time while I was in New York this week. It was about this time last year that he emailed and asked if we would like to turn our web page into a book. Thanks, Matt!

Speaking of which, it’s time for the Disapproving Rabbits Party at DreamHaven Books–it’s tonight at 6:30pm–there will be cookies! live bunnies! and Cinnamon! Afterwards, there’s a group heading to Charlie’s in Stillwater for some great music care of Lorraine and Paul.

While in New York, I met up with some great artist friends including Mimi Ko (on the left) and Kelli Bickman (on the right). Rumor has it that Kelli is going to paint a hive for us for next year…can’t wait to see it. Here we were, three hot arty chicks on the town.

Our first stop was a place where Kelli did all the artwork–very cool. Any New Yorkers stopping at the new location of the City Gourmet, take note of all her art. If it’s colorful, it’s Kelli’s.

We stopped at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square and I was excited to see the Disapproving Rabbits book on prominent display–face out and everything–and I didn’t even do it, it was like that when I got there.

We found a copy at a Borders in Columbus Circle–they only had one copy left!

On our travels we found a Chet Baker purse. I was tempted to purchase it for Julie, but was worried the real Chet would chew it before she had a chance to use it around town.

Our travels eventually took us by the Colbert Report Studios and I couldn’t resist popping in for a photo. I took a photo of the Colbert Report portrait just for Laura Erickson. I’m not sure what she would do if she saw this painting…or if it would be legal.

5 comments to Disapproval Partay! Friday Night!

  • spacedlaw

    Have heaps of fun at the party.
    Could you arrange for someone to take videos and put them on YouTube ?
    This way, far away admirers get to be in a little bit too…

  • dguzman

    The whirlwind tour of New York!

  • teucer

    Congratulations on the book, Birdchick – I hope it does brilliantly. I love the cover!

  • momo

    We were in Dreamhaven day before yesterday and bought the book because we can’t come to the party tonight. It’s great!

  • Julie Zickefoose

    Aww, thanks for the thought on the Bakerpurse, BC. Since Chet finally and absolutely kilt his babeh this week, I think it best we admire such things from afar. Perhaps I will install a strap and zipper on Chet and carry him like a purse instead.

    Your party looks like a blast. Congratulations on the great placement of your book! Long may they sell!