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Listening To A Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Got to experience a ferruginous pygmy-owl today at King Ranch. We heard a few owls, but the birds were so hidden that I couldn’t really get a photo. However, the males were tooting so loud I could take a video of the thicket and you can hear one of them singing away:

3 comments to Listening To A Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

  • Mike Hendrickson

    Pretty cool. I always wanted to know what they sounded like. Thanks for the video. By the way is P. Backstrom down there? Tell him I said “Hi”.

  • Anonymous

    One of the links below your video is to an Owl disrupting a soccer match. I don’t understand the language, but the entire stadium is obviously having a swell time while the players are stumped. Look it up, it is rather funny. The owl probably didn’t think so.

  • Patrick Belardo

    I’ve seen that owl soccer video – good stuff. I’m one of the few unlucky people who went to a ranch in south Texas (El Canelo I think) and DIDN’T see a F. Pygmy-owl. It was so incredibly windy that they were just hidden somewhere not to be seen by our group.