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Jim Stevenson Going Underground?

From the Galveston County Daily News:

GALVESTON — Ornithologist Jim Stevenson fled town Thursday after telling police someone took a shot at him.

Stevenson, who shot a cat but walked free after a jury deadlocked in his animal-cruelty trial, reported to police that someone fired a shot at his head Wednesday night while he was standing on his porch. He said he fell backward but wasn’t injured.

Stevenson has said he’s received death threats since the trial, which drew international attention, ended two weeks ago. He’s left the state for now but plans to return, he said.

Read the rest of the story here.

11 comments to Jim Stevenson Going Underground?

  • Anonymous

    This is turning into an episode of Dallas. Who shot Jim?

  • amelia

    Too bad they missed.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, Amelia. First cats, then birds, now people lose their lives? I hope you exagerate. The NYTimes magazine section ran an article today on Stevenson. No one comes out angelic in this. It’s a tough question all around. Hopefully it will get decided peacefully in the courts.

    Wayne, PA

  • Mike Hendrickson

    This case should of never went to trial as it was a waste of taxpayers money. Also no matter what the outcome of the case no one should of retaliate and try to murder a innocent man over feral cats! Mee thinks PETA is behind this.

  • birdchick

    I have to say that I agree with Mike that the trial was a waste of taxpayer money and shouldn’t have gotten as far as it had. I’m not a fan of vigilante justice either.

    Also, I agree that neither side is looking good on this issue. The media seems more interested in turning this into “some crazy birder loves birds so much, he kills cats for them” or into pitting cat lovers and bird lovers against each other. That is not helping bird conservation or dealing with abandon and feral cats.

    We all need to work together to come to an understanding and solution.

  • Susan Gets Native

    Lots of people seem to let their EMOTIONS run their thinking in this case. Cat lovers are all with their panties in a bunch, and birders are half glad he did it and cringing that we are all going to look like crazies.
    Bottom line: Cats belong indoors. It’s animal cruelty to let them run amok and get killed by cars and disease and parasites and wild animals.
    They kill songbirds. They kill prey animals meant for birds of prey.
    Should Jim have shot the cat? Maybe not…a more tactful way would have never even made the news. But the fact that he did shoot and kill a feral cat HAS made the news. Maybe good can come from this. Maybe people will start thinking in deeper depths about what they do. That cat was out in the world with no one to care for it properly, all because somewhere, at some time, someone let their cat out and it had kittens, and they didn’t have homes either, and they made more kittens….
    Multiply that time a few million or more, and you have the feral cat problem.
    I would like to add that I am a birder AND a cat lover. My cats stay in the house, where they are treated as pets…not a “outside rodent control” and not a speed bump for my neighbors. And not a vessel to begat more feral cats.
    I take offense at Amelia’s comment. Not as a birder, but as a fellow human being. Is that the only solution we can come up with? You shot that cat, so I am going to shoot you?
    People disappoint me sometimes.

  • Kate

    After the third ring-tail possum (an endangered species)was left at our back-door and after I found the dead baby in its pouch we turned from a cat-tolerant house to totally anti-feline.

    Puss was moved to an inner city apartment where he could take his hunting instincts out on Cockroaches and Indian Mynha birds (that he could never catch)

    Cats in this country are an introduced species that are decimating the native wildlife. Anyone that thinks their darling little tabby couldn’t kill everything within a kilometre radius is living in Lala land.

    And Amelia – think of the suffering these animals went through as they were ‘played’with as they died – no one is innocent here.

  • Anonymous

    Puss should have maybe been kept inside in the first place. I doubt ring tail possums stay inside.
    Am with birdchick on this what. Cats should be kept inside, or if that is impossible, be belled.
    People are shot over beer and shoes everyday, why should a cat make a difference ?

  • dguzman

    Boy, this guy Jim made a decision, good or bad, that he felt was right, and now he’s getting death threats because of it. What does that say about us?

    I’ll bet he’s wishing he’d never even been near that cat on that day.

  • Anonymous

    Jim Stevenson left the state, not after he was shot at, but after the police began investigating him for suspicion of fabricating it. His story was inconsistent and he refused to have his hands tested for gunpowder. I’d leave the state too, if I thought I was going to be investigated for filing a false attempted murder report. What a hero you bird people have !

  • Anonymous

    Sadly Mr. Stevenson’s character and other actions will detract from the real question of how to safely and sanely let cats and birds co-exist. (Obviously it would help if the feral population were neutered and adopted and all others kept indoors.) As it stands though, Mr. Stevenson has behaved in ways that make it hard to see that bigger picture. He isn’t shy about bragging about the numbers of cats he has killed (this goes back for a couple decades). He was quite proud as I recall of the “I love cats–they taste like chicken” and the “Looking for your cat? Check under my tires!” stickers on his truck. Discharging a fire arm in populated areas is dangerous and illegal. Period. The details in this recent shooting simply don’t add up, as someone with a background in law enforcement. Refusing to come in for a personal interview or having a gun powder test just don’t add up. Again, I’m sorry that the larger issue is being overshadowed. I used to look up to the guy but the birding community could do a lot better.