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Peregrine 568 Update

Well, it’s time for an update on that feisty Peregrine Falcon 568. I went down into the clinic and learned that she is now out of a recovery cage and moved into a flight room with three other peregrines–two females and one male. Alas, I could not get a photo of the room because Peregrine 568 is very jumpy and even lifting just a corner of the cover over the window to the flight room causes her to jump about and thrash, inciting the other three peregrines to jump about and thrash. On the one had, feistiness is good, however there is some concern about her leg being at a slightly odd angle and her jumpiness causing some damage to her still sensitive feet.

They are going to evaluate her situation and check her legs and feet in the next few days. She may either get moved to her own room or put back in a recovery cage a bit longer. Let’s all hope for the best.

In other raptor news, did y’all check over at Susan Gets Native where she demonstrates how to call in a screech owl? You may have to crank up the volume on your computer, but you can hear one calling back at her.

And also, Birder’s World has wisely added girl sizes for the owl shirts. I wonder if I should get in on the Cafe Press stuff? Should we put Cinnamon on mugs? Indigo buntings on bumper stickers?

8 comments to Peregrine 568 Update

  • spacedlaw

    Or get some disapproving cards with Moo (I just used the mini card thingy to create some bookmarks).

  • Jess

    Ooo! Birdchick digiscope framed prints, please! :) Or posters. I’d love to hang this one on my wall.

  • --Madeline

    I adore your photographs! they are so beautiful you really must offer them as prints.
    I am an artist and I use ImageKind for selling prints (mcmatz).
    You can upload your photos to flickr and then import them all over to imagekind. The prints are offered in a variety of sizes and papers and you can have them framed and matted anyway you like and the prints are gorgeous!
    The customer service is excellent and very friendly.
    It would be great to be able to see a photo in your blog and then be able to buy it!


  • Tara

    Oh, yes, please! A Disapproving Rabbit mug!!

  • Peggy

    I’m so pleased that perigrine 568 is so full of attitude. It will hold her in good stead! They won’t let her out in the dead of a Minnesota winter will they? If she’s ready, she’ll be released in the spring, right?

  • Susan Gets Native

    Anything you sell on Cafe Press I would buy.

    I love the way Samantha looks. What a stunner! But what did they do to her eyes on the shirt? They look jet black…or was she just squinting?
    Thanks for the shout out. I had chills up and down my arms listening to that SO chirping at me!

  • Andrea

    Birdchick bumper stickers! With a bird photo, of course.

  • bluesaffron

    It’s been a day or two since this was posted and I hope Peregrine 568is doing better.

    It’s not easy when a bird is enthusiastic and must try to calm down a bit. It would be good if she could fly around for a while to use up some of that energy.

    Sore feet I understand too. They will mend in time with a little TLC.