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City Birds Country Birds

“Hey, I’m not in this book at all–I didn’t approve that!”

Check it out, it’s a mock up of my next book. Remember a long time ago I blogged about a book I wrote called City Birds Country Birds? Well, I think it’s actually coming out this spring–which is a total relief because I wrote this way before Disapproving Rabbits and I had dedicated this book to my mom and Disapproving Rabbits to my in-laws. And wouldn’t you know it, the book dedicated to my in-laws came out first–AWKWARD! Actually, right after one of the radio interviews I did for Disapproving Rabbits, the hosts started talking the dedication and about people who have better relationships with their in-laws than with their own parents. I cried out, “Noooooooooooooo!” and tried to phone back in to the studio while Non Birding Bill said, “Oh, Sharon, it’s just a segue into another segment, don’t take it too seriously.”

Yeah, easy for him to say because it was his parents not mine. For the record, I love my mom and my in-laws.

So, if you sent a photo and it got used in the book, you are still getting a free copy. Incidentally, anyone have a good photo of a black-capped chickadee nest? Needs to be in focus and needs to be print quality. If you so, email it along with your mailing address to sharon at birdchick dot com.

4 comments to City Birds Country Birds

  • G.G.

    Congratulations on your new book. Don’t know if it will fit over here where we are in the Pacific Flyway–but if you want a review drop by and leave me a note!

  • archi's mum

    Congrats! That was always one of the things I would tell people that would ask me about the Disapproving Rabbits shirt or book … how ironic it was that your rabbit book came out way faster then your birding book that had been in the works! So I’m glad to hear it’s finally getting finalized! You should dedicate it to Cinnamon since you are probably more famous now thanks to her! Or at least thank her in the acknowledgments for keeping you on staff!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, no nest photos. Just black capped chickadee pictures (on hands taking seed, on branches looking for seed, etc.).

    Can’t wait to see the new bood.

  • spacedlaw

    Don’t you worry: I am sure that your parents know that you love them and that they do not need a book dedication to be sure of this.