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Easter Morning With Cinnamon

We tried to get Cinnamon to pose with some peeps this morning, but that seemed to not dignify our girl, however having her own MySpace Page and BunSpace Page is ok. Don’t worry, she’s not being held down in the above photo, Non Birding Bill is petting her. You can see more photos of her and her Peeps at Disapproving Rabbits and below is a video of her gettin’ some bunny lovin’ (bonus points to those who can id the two people singing in the duet in the background):

14 comments to Easter Morning With Cinnamon

  • Patti

    That’s Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole singing “Unforgettable”, I think.

    Love seeing the bits of fur poofing off into the air. :) Happy Easter to you!

  • birdchick

    Nope, it’s not Nat and Natalie.

  • Kaustubh

    That video of Cinnamon being petted was quite funny! Looked like she was quite comfortable there. (I’ve no experience with rabbits)

    Happy Easter!

  • Stacy

    sounds like Billie Holliday. Or maybe Lena Horn. No matter; that bunn is the most cutest, most adorablest, most peep lovinest ever! Looks like she’s getting rid of her winter coat too!

  • AKA Bird Nerd

    I used to raise rabbits for pets. Many people don’t realize what good pets they make and that they are easily house broken. Just make sure your stereo wires are secure. My bunnies loved those wires.

    I had a budgie at that time. The bird used to sit on the rabbit’s head. I don’t know why, but the rabbit didn’t seem to mind.

    Please don’t give children bunnies, chicks and ducks at Easter unless you are truly serious about providing the proper long term care. I put up some interesting info on my blog about this problem:

    Happy Easter

  • Mimi

    Ani Difranco and Jackie Chan!

    Cinnamon-chan is super cute in that vid.

  • ncmountainwoman

    Birdchick and NBB

  • Mel

    Cinnamon is sooo cute!

  • dingered

    definitely “Unforgettable”…thought it was Nat and Natalie though

  • Rabbits' Guy

    Well if enough people say it is the Coles, then it must be!!!!

    No? Oh ……….

    Is it Rod Stewart and Janis Joplin?

  • dguzman


  • Susan

    Definitely NOT Nat and Natalie. She’s got a Billie Holiday-ish vibe going, but it doesn’t quite sound like BH. Maybe Lena Horne… And Johnny Mathis?

    Cinnamon looks soooo soft and happy!

  • birdchick

    Sorry, guys, one of my friends outed the singers early in comment six–I was kind of hoping to see how long this would go–ah well.

    It’s Ani Difranco and Jackie Chan.

  • April

    Cinnamon looked like she was dis-approving through the whole thing!

    She has fine musical taste!

    We’ve always wanted a bunny as cute as Cinnamon, if that’s possible…but we’ve got 7 indoor only cats. I fear the bunny of our dreams will have to wait, unless it’s a huge one.