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Tim Gallagher: Falconer

One of my favorite birding dudes has an interview up at YouTube. It’s a blurb about Tim Gallagher’s book Falcon Fever and you see some shots of his falconry bird, McDuff:

2 comments to Tim Gallagher: Falconer

  • Stacy

    That was fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing. Those birds are simply awesome and I liked hearing that it is possible for a human to have a close relationship with one. The one still shot of the falcon looking straight at the camera mid cry is simply amazing! Gave me peoplebumps! *sigh*

  • momo

    As a lonely kid, I also devoured books about characters with relationships to falcons or other animals, although I never imagined that falconry still existed, or that I could somehow see it or do it. I’d love to read his memoirs.