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Happy Naked Thanksgiving!

There are updates at the end of this post!

Non Birding Bill and I are celebrating our usual day long date that we call Naked Thanksgiving. One of the many things I’m grateful for is just some time with each other. It was suggested that bird bloggers post photos of turkeys today. I’m not sure if everyone is going to do it, but I have turkey photos:

Lovely! Although, I took this photo last March when males are in their mating mode. I think they have to puff of those feathers to distract from this:

What female turkey wouldn’t want a piece of that?

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great day…and if you don’t celebrate, I hope you’re having a great day too. I’m grateful to everyone who stops by here from time to time to take a look. I’m grateful for my family, for NBB, for having a roof over my head, for our crazy pets.

Update 1: The above is a female, but based on the comment hilarity, I’m keepin’ it! And honestly, the males really don’t look better than that. And if you would like to see an actual tom head, check out Bill of the Birds. He’s got it goin’ on!

Update 2: I found more turkey photos. Here’s cute turkey photo sent to my by April Grunspan:

And I noticed PicusBlog has a cool turkey blog entry up too.

Update 3: Birding Bev has graciously compiled the turkey photos and offers a most succulent bird in her post.

9 comments to Happy Naked Thanksgiving!

  • Maureen

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sharon!

  • Anonymous

    The second picture looks to be a female turkey “face”. Check out the bright blue, and red coloration on the strutting males, even during non breeding season they have a reduced wattle and a touch of color. Very “hot”…to a female turkey!

  • Julie Zickefoose

    Maybe lesbian turkeys would want a piece of that…Happy Thanksgiving from Indigo Hill, where we spend the day clothed and trussed up like the Puritan stock we came from.

  • rmharvey

    BOTB has a proper tom turkey head shot today.

  • birdchick


    That’s what I get for sipping scotch (before morning coffee) while blogging. I actually wondered to myself, “I should double check if that’s a hen or a tom. Ah, who’s gonna notice?”

    I love and am grateful to my readers.

    Julie, crank the heat, shed one layer, see how it goes!

    rmharvey, on my way to check it out.

    Maureen, thanks and back at ya!

  • egretsnest

    Loving the lesbian turkey comment from Julie. Too funny. Whatever gender, it’s kinda hard to imagine getting all hot and bothered over turkeys but it seems to work for them! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Frank Baron

    I’ve recently taken an interest in our feathered buddies but I’m not addicted yet. I can quit any time. Really.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Here in the Great White North, we celebrated ours last month. Not to worry. There’s plenty of turkeys left to go around.

  • dAwN

    ok..i couldnt look…naked thanksgiving…so i am sure you had a great post…but i didnt want to invade your naked privacy…oops..i peeked..Have a wonderful thanksgiving..

  • kjpweb

    I didn’t know that Bird Bloggers do that. Did so anyway! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Cheers, Klaus