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Bird Dancing To Ray Charles

This one is better than the bird that danced to the Backstreet Boys and screeched. This one gets its groove on to Ray Charles–you have to see the head spin to truly appreciate this one:

7 comments to Bird Dancing To Ray Charles

  • Lynne

    I dance just like that.

  • ladycelia

    Looks like Frostie took lessons from white guys everywhere.

  • Peg

    Thnk u for posting this, Birdchick!
    What a feel good video.
    Made my day.
    Amazing intelligence those birdies have-

  • PickieChickie

    I have Google alerts set up so every time someone blogs about Frostie, I get an e-mail! I’ve been getting so many alerts I’m astounded! Lol! I’m glad you enjoyed Frostie’s Shake Your Tail Feather video! You should go to Frostie’s YouTube Channel so you can watch his other funny videos including the video I shot of him watching Ellen Degeneres’ show while she aired part of this video! It is hilarious!

    Here is a link to Frostie’s YouTube Channel:

    Here is a link to Frostie’s MySpace Page/Blog:

    Thank you for sharing his video with your readers!

    Karla K. Larsson

  • cyberthrush

    Chubby Checker… eat your heart out.

  • Steve Moore

    As the unofficial President of the Ray Charles fan club and a resident of “Georgia”; I give this performance four tail feathers and accept Frostie as an official
    non-dues paying member of the club.

    Brother Ray would have loved it.


  • PickieChickie

    Lol at Lynne, ladycelia, Peg, cyberthrush and Steve! You all gave me a good chuckle!

    Thank you! Karla