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Great Horned Owl Nesting In Planter

So, with all my crazy travels, it’s been tough to keep up with all my back emails. Boy, have I missed a whopper! Thank you, so, so much to Robbyn Spratt for sending this my way! Brace yourself, are you ready for this? Okay, here it goes:

There’s a great horned owl nesting in a planter in Viera, FL.

Yes, you read that correctly. Viera, FL home of one of my all time favorite birding spots, Viera Wetlands has an owl nesting in a pot! Apparently, a pair of great horned owls chose to use a planter outside of the Brevard County Commission and the eggs have hatched–there is even a LIVE owl cam. The camera does not appear to be visible at night, however, there are clips that you can watch any time, so bookmark the Brevard County Owl Cam for some on the job entertainment.

This is an awesome diversion, especially since the owls at the Valmont Owl Cam appear to be having issues.

18 comments to Great Horned Owl Nesting In Planter

  • Jess

    That’s officially the cutest Great Horned Owl ever.

  • Stacy

    Did you see the footage of the wobbly baby? He’s hanging out next to the dead rat! That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • dymphnasis

    I love this photo, just a peek of the owl.

  • momo

    Even if you can’ watch it live, they have some videos archived that you can watch,and the little owlet makes an appearance out from under the adult.

  • Jenny C

    Haha that is so crazy! I love the pic, peeking out.

  • MaineBirder

    That is awesome! Thanks for the link to the cam.

  • the traveler

    Great pic. It is hard not to make the Horned Owl a favorite, especially with pictures of babies like this.

  • Owlman

    I can’t get a Screech owl to use my fantastically outfitted owl box and they have a GHO in a planter……jees life is NOT fair! Turning green – which is ok considering it’s Paddy’s day.

  • cyberthrush

    I love owl cams, and this is just TOOOO funny and bizarre… furthermore, I feel for poor Owlman!

  • Arj

    awwwww rrriiiight! gotta wonder though, WWWHAT were those parents thinking???

  • Kirk

    I would guess that they’ve somehow rerouted pedestrian traffic well away from the planter. I’ve heard some pretty horrific stories about what human beings encounter when getting too close to a GHO nest.

  • OpposableChums

    3…2…1…ready or not, here I come!

  • Juliette

    that is a fantastic picture.

  • piedtype

    What an adorable picture!

  • Anonymous

    Love this site. Amazing! I have two great horned owls in a wooded area right behind my house and I love to watch them. Last year there were two babies and I watched them grow all summer, they were so cute and would often perch next to each other on a branch. The owl parents are back this year and re hooting at night so I am hoping more babies will appear soon!

  • Jamie

    Hey, just a heads-up that all the images on your blog have been coming up as “Please do not hot-link image” all day today (or longer).

  • Bill

    Jamie, are you viewing the site through a proxy server?

  • Interesting new layout. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but it seems just a tad busy; no place that the eye can focus, thus making it harder to read. Meanwhile, the owl seems quite focused…