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I’m currently in North Dakota at the Potholes and Prairie Bird Festival giving workshops and leading trips.  Today was awesome, I did what I would call a slow and easy trip.  It’s intent is to be a digiscoping workshop, give people a chance to try and take some photo of birds without feeling rushed like you do on regular field trips, but it was just such a joy to have a chance to sit and spend an hour with a great bird like a Baird’s sparrow (above), really get to know this elusive sparrow.

And yes, my darling husband who is reading this from home, that bird is different from all the sparrows you see at the feeder.

Also, on Twitter today, someone was passing around to a link to a disturbing set of photos.  A bull frog eating a Eurasian tree sparrow.  If you would like to see the disturbing set, click here.  If you would like to avoid that image being burned into your brain, focus on the happy Baird’s sparrow above.

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  • Andy

    Bullfrogs eating sparrows is quite something. My dad has observed the frogs in a pond behind a nature center in western Michigan waiting for birds to hit the windows and then pouncing on the stunned prey. A few years back he observed frogs eating hummingbirds on consecutive weekend trips to the nature center! It is amazing how animals will adapt when unexpected meals present themselves.

    Andy – Newark, CA

  • I’m unclear on North Dakota geography, but is your Prairie and Potholes festival near Devil’s Lake? That would account for your ruddy turnstones. See

  • delores

    I was just in Bottineau a week ago…ND is so nice and wet and lush compared to here. We saw great sparrows (Bairds, Savannah, Le Conte’s, Clay-colored, Lark…). A person on the trip was desperate for a Nelson’s but did see one. Wish I wasn’t at work this weekend and was back birding out in the prairie!

  • delores

    correction: Nelson’s Sharp Tail: did NOT see one!