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Aberrant Plumaged Goldfinch

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That odd little American goldfinch is still hanging around, he showed up this morning on my sunflower feeder while I was making breakfast and I tried to grab a quick video (apologize for the Wayne Newton in the background).  I don’t think that cap is ever going to grow in, it’s almost time for the male goldfinches to return to their winter plumage.  I wonder if he will stick out in his winter plumage?

5 comments to Aberrant Plumaged Goldfinch

  • Pandionna

    The music is perfect! He moves in time to “darlin’” right at the beginning. :-)

  • donna

    love it! and love wayne newton! thanks for sharing!

  • nikkikoval

    It looks like the finch is doing a voice over. ROTFLMAO!

  • pamela

    cute music video.

  • Sitting in line at the bank drive-thru the other day, I saw an odd looking Dove, and I thought, “I wish the Birdchick was here, so I could ask her what’s up with that bird!”

    Anyway, I’m NOT a birder, but your blog (the cute bunnies originally brought me here) has made me take notice of birds a lot more often than I used to. So, this dove (I’m pretty sure it was a dove) had a white head, and a white “rump” for lack of a better word. His chest and wings were dove grey.

    So, I was wondering, was he from the mating of a white dove and a gray dove? I know I’ve seen some white doves around. Oh, I forgot, I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Anyway, I’ve seen white doves around, and I assume they might be escapees from weddings and such. So, we mostly have the normal gray, but I HAVE seen pure white ones too.

    If anyone could answer my question (from that mess of sentences up there) I would be greatful. Im so curious. He was pretty. I wish I had my camera with me.