My New Book


NBB’s New Year’s Eve Post

Hello all, NBB here. Sharon’s been furiously finishing the latest draft of her next book, and that, combined with the Christmas Bird Count and the holiday season, she’s run out of time for blogging.

So we’re stuck together. I don’t like it any more than you, but here we are. I was going to do [...]

Birds of Snowpocalypse

For those like my mother who lives in Indianapolis (who are getting Rainmageddon) and cannot experience the white Christmas we are enjoying in the Twin Cities, I thought I’d put out my Wingscapes cam to get some photos of birds and the falling snow. I forgot that I had it set to take video, so [...]

Screech Owl Kind Of Day


As I type this entry, this is what the snow cloud RADAR looks like from KSTP. Non Birding Bill and I live in Minneapolis. The surrounding clouds kind of look like Oogie Boogie Man from The Nightmare Before Christmas about to nom us up. We may also be feeling the benefits of the bubble [...]



I love this female hooded merganser. I caught her the other day as she was splashing around Point Douglas.

I guess the Minnesota weather elves heard all about the two feet of snow had by Washington DC last week and we’re supposed to get a storm starting tonight. I have my doubts…when storms [...]

Lilydale Christmas Bird Count

Last Saturday I helped out with the St. Paul Christmas Bird Count. I love the above photo, that’s two of our team members standing on the frozen Mississippi River counting ducks with the downtown St. Paul skyline behind them. My original intent was to just be part of a team, but St. Paul Audubon [...]

The One That Got Away

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a squirrel loafed out on the top of the telephone pole outside our kitchen window. It seemed to be staring in, willing me to put seed out on the ledge of the kitchen window. It would then be able to walk the wires to gain access. I’m not [...]

Neck Bands on Swans and Geese

So, when I was out looking at the harlequin duck last week, I found a few banded birds at Point Douglas. It’s not the first time, last winter I got video of a banded trumpeter swan. I sent the band info along to the Bird Banding Lab and it turned out the bird was [...]

Mom’s Christmas Cookies

I’m trying my best to get through all of my Christmas errands this week. Tonight I divide up honey to give to the family. Bill and I gave each other a Roku box for Christmas (which conveniently arrived early). This magical box allows us to watch Netflix instantly on our tv. Right now, as I [...]

Harlequin Duck Again At Point Douglas

Winter got a tad aggressive last week. It’s been weird, we had snow in early October, so I was prepared for six months of cold and snow. Then it got strangely warm for the rest of October and November and thought, “Terrific, maybe winter won’t be so bad!”

Then out of nowhere, we went [...]

Waterfowl Sampling

A sample of waterfowl at Point Douglas right now.