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Honeybees or Space Ship?

I digiscoped the strangest photo of my bees yesterday.  I’m not sure what setting I had the camera on but they look like odd little space ships.

3 comments to Honeybees or Space Ship?

  • Huh. Might be long exposure? The phone might accumulate a long exposure by reading the CCD multiple times and summing the results; Since the bees were moving, successive images were in different places?

    Hmm…but that’s probably not it. If just the normal longer exposure produced that effect, then digital cameras would produced strobed images like that when you jerked the camera, rather than blurry.

  • Jen8

    Seems to be a kind of common anomaly called rods. One video like that caused a stir here in 2002 when a news crew filming at the Albany Airport captured something like that on video. I Googled it for you, Maybe your bees are secret aliens, Dr. Who said bees were from another planet… geez I sound like a weirdo! LOL at myself.

  • Wow. I was going to mention rods as well. Good for Jen8 giving you a link. Very interesting. Not sure what to make of rods.