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Big Year Movie Being Filmed

Here’s an article about the filming currently going for the Big Year movie starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson (mmmm, the Butterscotch Stallion) and Jack Black.  I have heard rumors that Steve Martin’s character will be sporting a pair of Swarovski’s for his part in the film.  Can’t wait to see some of the other birding product placement–will any of them have birdJam?

7 comments to Big Year Movie Being Filmed

  • kyllikki

    Does anyone know who is playing whom? I heard that Jack Black is going to be Greg Miller, but I’m dying to know about the other two.

  • stacy

    I heard that Angelica Houston is playing the role of Debi Shearwater.

  • I would guess that Steve Martin is Al Levantan.

  • I just confirmed Stacy’s comment with Debi–it’s true. Angelica Houston will not be called Debi Shearwater nor go blond, but she is a character based on Debi and will at least keep her traditional pelagic braid.

  • Steve

    Just read that Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) is now in the cast. Good show if you haven’t seen it…but somehow I’m thinking that you have.

  • Our bird store, Bird Watcher’s General Store, Cape Cod, was contacted by Fox Productions who bought a ton of birding stuff from our website and asked us to include anything of our own, like shirts, caps, calendars. We’ve been in touch with them alot and are pretty excited to see what of our ends up in the film.