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Minneapolis Flash Flooding 2010

This post is more for my mom than bird related.  Tonight we had some flash flooding.  Fortunately, Non Birding Bill and I have lived here long enough (and learned the hard way the first year we lived here) that the intersection near our home is prone to flash flooding.  Bless NBB’s heart, he tried clearing out all the storm drains before the storm to prevent a flash flood, but it hit anyway.

When the worst of the storm was over I went downstairs to see if there was any flooding–there was more than I realized.  The police were already on the scene on Lyndale trying to divert traffic away from this street.

I waded to the infamous intersection that has a tendency to flood–it exceeded my expectations.  As I took this photo to show the water flooding 32nd and and Aldric and seeping into a neighbor’s yard, I felt the water go from my toes to my mid-calf.  It was the first time I experienced how quickly a flash flood hits and why you see people stuck in trees or floating cars unawares–it does happen so fast.  Being a short woman around water rising quickly, I knew I needed to move.  Since the police were guiding traffic to avoid this intersection from Lyndale, I dashed towards 31st to warn people away.

I felt so bad for this car.  As someone who has had a car go through a flash flood in this intersection, I know what a nasty, stinky mess this car would be.  I felt bad for the owner of this vehicle–you could literally see it bob in the water.  I was so grateful that our car was parked in a spot that was not experiencing this level of flooding.

As I waded my through, I found more cars caught in the water in the pouring rain.  The red car’s alarm was going off (and still is now a good three hours later).  Neighbors were coming out to gawk at this point and speculate who had a car in the water.  I made it to the end of the street and did my best to prevent cars from going down towards the flooded intersection.  I wasn’t sure how long to stay, but when the rain subsided and visibility was better, I figured that drivers could see well enough and stop before reaching the flooded intersection–there was also quite a crowd gathered at this point as well (leave it to my neighborhood to turn a flash flood into a party).  Many were cheering the vehicles that were foolish enough to drive through the water (a moment that many SUV owners live for). NBB and I got a video of it here:

YouTube Preview Image

So, mom, if you hear that there was flooding–yes, we got it in our neighborhood and no, our car or building was not affected.

7 comments to Minneapolis Flash Flooding 2010

  • the comment at the end of the vid is priceless! you guys have all the fun! escaped pigeons, flash floods, and the wonderful NBB posts! I don’t know why I read any other blogs!

  • Sally

    There’s only one thing that would have made that video better – if someone had a body board and went surfing on the wave the car created.
    All our neighbours would be out cheering the idiots on too.

  • luce employee

    mine was the car the jerk parked in front of… and its dead now. wish i’d known before i went to work the intersection was so treacherous. i almost parked in front of the white sedan that floated when i showed up for work today.. not that it makes much difference.

  • Heavens! Flash flooding should be taken seriously, that’s for sure. Great video, too. Glad you guys are okay.

  • I’m so sorry about your car. The first time it happened to us, a woman came out and told us that the intersection floods every few years. I thought at the time that the city should put some sort of warning there. I hope the damage is minimal.

  • Joanna

    One of my very earliest memories as a child is of a flash flood in Texas when we were in the car. A woman tried to cross the street in front of us and lost a shoe. To think it happened just a few blocks away! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the video. My block has just enough of a slope on it that I didn’t even notice the water in the street until I started seeing all the pics on Twitter.

  • Peter

    A car of mine drowned several years ago, just a few blocks away at 33rd and Girard. I was working at Magers & Quinn when the storm hit, and had to make my way back through waist-deep water. The cars were strewn to either side, having floated up onto people’s lawns.

    Please keep the good folks at Vintage Music in your thoughts. They had a bunch of Victrolas destroyed and quite a few discs from their precious selection of old 78s soaked. In their case, the city’s repair work outside seems to have interfered with the normally solid drainage on 38th.