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Beehives Attract Flycatchers

This is an interesting little bird.  It’s an eastern wood-peewee that was singing out around Mr. Neil’s property.  Periodically, the peewee would flip out from its perch and grab some insects.  I didn’t get a photo of it, but as I was watching the peewee through the scope, I noticed it grabbed a bee!  That’s when I realized this peewee was perched right over our yard hive and is hanging out in what we call the “bee highway” or the main flight path bees follow going to and from the hive.

This is not the first flycatcher I’ve seen around the hives.  Great-crested flycatchers show interest as well.  I’m not too worried about it, there are several thousand bees, so a dozen or so eaten by birds is manageable.  Plus, I suspect the birds prefer drones–they are bigger, fatter, juicier, slower and being males, they do not sting.

3 comments to Beehives Attract Flycatchers

  • Liz Daley

    I see a cat bird around my hives all of the time and have seen her grab a bee or two. BTW loved the hive recordings from the other day.

  • Wow! Once this spring I was watching a butterfly that flew past me on a trail, trying to figure out what kind it was, when a flycatcher (probably either a phoebe or a pewee, didn’t get a great look) swooped out of nowhere and grabbed it. Food chain in action!

  • Kurta

    Awesome! I was lucky enough to get a really cool photo of a pewee. Haven’t see one since. Figures. Like you said, they are rather interesting birds and I’d love to see more.