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Let’s Get Weird With Honey

Here is a curious article about an interesting hurdle faced by some urban beekeepers in Brooklyn…their honey is turning out bright red!  Guess what the culprit is: Red Dye #40 from Dell’s Maraschino Cherries Company.  So people who want hives in the neighborhood to contribute to the whole slow foods/locally grown/organic/natural movement are being betrayed by bees who cannot resist heavy syrup no matter how many native nectar rich plants are around.

Speaking of weird honey, Lorraine and I finally got around to putting some of our extracted honey into jars.  Kind of fascinated by our honey colors this year.  We usually only have light colored honey, but this year we have both light and dark.  Both taste fabulous, the darker honey is a bit more…rich in flavor, while the light is delicate and subtle in its sweetness.

I was not having the best day.  A project I have been working on for some time received a setback yesterday.  Every time I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this project, I get the rug yanked out from under me.  This time it’s a financial setback on the project. Lorraine and I had planned on bottling honey today, but when I saw the snow and ice as I got out of bed this morning, I texted Lorraine that I was bad company and decided to stay home to brood a bit about my problem.  She called and said, “No, that’s not what you need to do, you need to come out here and help me with the honey and talk.”

Well…how could I argue with that?

We have some honey that has been drained from comb and then we have comb with honey called Ross Rounds.  Both are safe for human consumption.  We decided to get a little arty with our bottling and put chunks of wax and comb honey in our jars.  We’d then pour extracted honey over it.  It looked cool and it gives our friends the chance to try comb honey if they want but still get plenty of the straight liquid variety.  As we admired how cool the wax comb looked in the jars…we wondered what else we could put in there…like the above Buddah.  We were quite pleased with the results and wondered how far we could go with this madness.

I noticed a Weeping Angel figurine and told Lorriane that I wished we could try that.  She said, “It’s my figurine, let’s do it.”

The affect was cool and terrifying.  If you have seen the Doctor Who episode, you know why this is the most terrifying and dangerous honey ever.  If not…well…I guess Lorraine and I seem a little weird, but that’s okay.

The shenanigans helped put my project in perspective.  I’m always thrilled to rediscover that no matter what life throws at me on a long project, friends and beekeeping are a great escape.

26 comments to Let’s Get Weird With Honey

  • Sorry your project isn’t going how you’d like, but it does sound as though honey bottlingbis the perfect antidote.

    Love the dangerous honey. I hope you put a warning ‘don’t blink’ sign up…

  • very nice post – nothing like friends to help out. I know the episode and that looks like spooky honey – love the buddha tho.


  • Sounds like my Lorraine all right… I hope all this fun (and venting) helped you recover.
    The figurine in honey remind me of preserved medical oddities. Had you bottled around Halloween, fake eyeballs would have been just the perfect addition.

  • Tamar Amidon

    do the different colours come from different hives or different times of harvest?
    Love the additions to the bottles

  • Amy

    I tend to isolate and brood most of the time, and especially when I’m in a bad mood. If I let someone cajole me into being sociable I usually think “I ought to do that more often.” The figures in the honey are cool. I put honey in my tea every morning, absolutely love it.

    I may not always comment, but I love the blog. I’ve gotten into some amateur birding as I live in a very wooded part of Ohio. I knew that there was a ton of birds and other wildlife around here, but it wasn’t until I really started looking and trying to identify what I was seeing that I realized exactly what’s here. Thanks for that, it’s been a joy :)

  • I was just wondering yesterday when you’d make a bee post again!
    That ep of Dr. Who is the ONLY ep I have seen of the series and I agree- that is some terrifying honey. The buddha is nice though~

  • Your honey looks great. I have gotten only light-colored honey from my hives. I ended up buying sourwood honey from my mentor–little tart and cloudy. My husband loves it but not me.

  • Whatever you do, Sharon, don’t blink!

  • Lydia

    I love the Buddha one. It’s amazing, like an amber jewel. :) You need to put that one somewhere it can watch over you while you work on the project.

  • Miareeva

    I want some Weeping Angel Honey!

  • Jenny, UK

    Love the angels- I heard of someone putting edible glitter in her homemade jam the other day- maybe you could try that in the honey too…?

  • Joanna

    What a good friend! and the honey looks gorgeous. I hope the universe sends you better fortune with your project. You make good things happen!

  • misskitty_79

    Affect ≠ effect

    I do quite like the buddahoney though. :)

  • Curt Rawn

    I sure wish I could get some of that honey. Not the kind with the statues in it, just the eating kind.

  • Speaking of getting weird with honey, red honey and glowing bees:

  • SaraCVT

    That is some terrifying honey, all right. I’m quite familiar with “Doctor Who” and as soon as I saw the words “Weeping Angel”, that was all I could think of. Whatever you do, don’t blink!

  • rebisaz

    What an enjoyable blog. Also, great, I’m terrified to look away from that honey.

  • Jim Bond

    Have you made mead with any of the honey? If not, I highly recommend it. The fruits of mead making are spiritual (in all regards).

  • Pat

    Beautiful honey and what a good idea to put a bit of the comb in the jar as well. The floating weeping angel was unsettling but liked it anyway.

  • It might be fun to work out some suitable, simple sculptures, make a mold, and press the honey wax into them. Might take some experimenting and getting sticky to get there, but such fun!

  • sarah

    Can the comb be sculpted or would it just fall apart?

  • The cherry-red honey just makes me wonder what *else* gets in our honey out there — well, besides small figurines.

  • kchew

    Oh my goodness! After we watched “Blink,” friends and I spend a very funny evening moving a bear bottle full of honey around a cabin as sneakily as possible, closer and closer to each other, pretending it was the Honey Bear Weeping Angel and making each other jump.. Weeping Angels + honey = a photograph I have to point them to Right Away.

  • jubilantia

    (Hallooo! I migrated over from Neil’s blog. I am definitely putting your site on my daily blog roll. Thanks for the lovely story. ~Marilyn)
    Is it possible for something to be mind-numbingly terrifying and therapeutic at the same time? Because I think you are in a position to tell us. What an ultimately rewarding way to get through a tough problem. Also- hurrah for home-gathered honey.

    Also- yay for Blink! Probably the best new Who episode, although I have a huge soft spot for the Empty Child/ Doctor Dances two-parter. Except- uh-oh. I need to scroll back up and look at i-

  • Dave Harmon

    Another wanderer from Neil’s journal… Your decorated honey is cool! Another idea in the same vein: you could make little figurines from the wax of the combs! Depending how soft it is, you might melt or press it into molds, or just shape it like clay….

    And yeah, the “red honey” story is a kicker… I’m glad to see that the cherry company is working on it from their end too.

    PS: Hi Tamar, I remember you and Mark from the late 80′s/early 90′s — the mailing lists, Open Parlor and such.

  • Kate

    You should put the Buddha honey where he can keep an eye on the Weeping Angel for you.