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Podcasting This Week

Just a quick heads up about the podcast this week.  It looks like we’ll only be able to record one and we will record it Tuesday night and it will be up Wednesday morning.  I’m right in the middle of my crazy spring work schedule.  As I type this, I’m in Utah and won’t be home until tonight and Non Birding Bill also has a Theatre Arlo gig tonight. But we’ll get one in before I head to Detroit Lakes on Thursday and this week it will be longer.  In the meantime:

I’ll leave you with a white-faced ibis foraging at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah.  This one did not get nailed by a peregrine falcon.

4 comments to Podcasting This Week

  • It was so great to meet you at the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival. My non-birding wife also loved you! My only regret is that my weekend was so busy I couldn’t make time to go birding with you. I wish I could have gotten out of work today. Have a safe flight home and looking forward to the next podcast!

  • Robert! It was great meeting you and I hope our paths cross again. I love birding in Utah and it was so fun to meet you and your lovely wife…and her oh so cute necklace!

  • Oh, my wife wanted me to tell you that her friend’s Etsy shop for that necklace is appropriately named for our birding world… “Chickadee Designs”

  • Norm Jenson

    My wife and I enjoyed meeting you at the festival, and thanks again for the honey. My wife enjoyed your story about the wrong Bill.