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Birdchick Podcast #40 Gyrfalcons, Penguins & Eagles


What’s everybody talking about this week?  Birds with Arms!

Gyrfalcons are secret seabirds?

Emperor penguin shows up in New Zealand.  And here’s a link to what Non Birding Bill mentioned: penguins nesting on landmines!

Bald eagles defend nest outside of an Alaskan post office.





2 comments to Birdchick Podcast #40 Gyrfalcons, Penguins & Eagles

  • Chris

    I know that I’d listen to it at least.

  • I think that listening to the unstructured podcast from ND would be cool. I vote yes. If you listen to it with a good set of headphones in a quiet room and a volume control that you can change easily, it shouldn’t be that bad.

    I also vote yes on the adult-language-level bird tour. I think it would foster a more personal conversational level, which would be a lot of fun and actually very good to promote conversational learning. I would totally go for that, and probably more so than a more formal-toned presentation. (My direct example for this is the couple of times (w00tstock, DragonCon) that I’ve seem Adam Savage speak, uncensored, he is even better and funnier than on, say, Mythbusters, or his more staid web stuff.)

    Craig Steffen