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Random Coot

I just thought this was a really cool digiscoped picture of a coots face.  Normally when you see them out on a lake, you see a black duck with a white beak (yesssssssss, I know they aren’t really a duck but most people describe them that way).  Often, most don’t see their eyes.  Love this bright red eye.

2 comments to Random Coot

  • Joanna

    I feel such a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I can point to a black dot on lake Calhoun and say “Coot!” To see the face this close is AMAZING! what an interesting shape and coloring of the beak. The eyes need a “pew! pew!” caption.

  • JGo

    You are right, Sharon! I don’t think I ever knew about the red eye despite all the coots I’ve seen. Thanks.