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Sharon on the Heron Rookery for MPR

Hello all, NBB here. This is a quick note to let you know that Sharon has an article up about the response to the destruction of the Heron Rookery on the MPR website. Check it out.

2 comments to Sharon on the Heron Rookery for MPR

  • Eileen

    Great article Sharon!

  • Thanks for the great update article. I have shared it with several friends here – many, many of us steward a heron rookery of probably 500+ nests here on Padilla Bay near Anacortes, WA – about 80 miles north of Seattle. I don’t think any of us ever have thought about losing all the nests – we don’t have tornados but we do have an ocassional violent wind storm – usually in the winter when the birds are dispersed. It is heartening to know how the greater public would respond!