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Birdchick Podcast #61: Amazing Burrowing Owl, Lesser Prairie-Chickens & Big Year

This is where I’ll be next week.

From the American Birding Association Blog: Crazy female burrowing owl does 2 broods–1100 miles apart!

Oklahoma should really look at the lesser prairie-chicken as an economic opportunity, not an economic bust.  There’s a lesser prairie-chicken festival–Leks, Treks and More!

It’s hawk migration time–find a Hawk Count near you!


Big Year news–lots of discussion about below:

A Swainson’s hawk in the snow?

 WildBird magazine makes an appearance in the movie!

Jim Parsons is supposed to play a bird blogger.  Who is he?  Have you ever seen a bird blogger in a beret?

Also Greg Miller (played by Jack Black in the film) has his own blog…and his own line of shirts:






2 comments to Birdchick Podcast #61: Amazing Burrowing Owl, Lesser Prairie-Chickens & Big Year

  • I’ve been Hawkwatching only a couple times…actually I was watching others hawkwatch and kinda looked at a few of those long distance dots NBB was talking about. This was on Lucky Peak, a mountain on the east side of Boise Idaho, the main study location of the Idaho Bird Observatory. I was blown away at the ability of the watchers to identify all the different birds of prey at such a distance. My kids didn’t appreciate it like I did because they couldn’t see the birds up really close. Now had they gone with me the second time, when I got to help catch and band hawks, that would have been more appealing to them. The IBO also bands song birds there and kids get a real kick out of seeing the birds up close and being able to release the birds from their own tiny hands.

  • Michelle from Ohio

    Have fun in Berkley Springs, Sharon! Liam McGranaghan is my cousin-in-law. ;) Say hi for me, lol.