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Birdchick Podcast: #65 Eagles and Window Strikes

Interesting…do satellite transmitters harm birds?

Bald eagle rehabbed by The Raptor Center was banded and the band was recovered, giving a clue as to how birds fare post wildlife rehab.

Bald eagle that was injured and is now used for public programs flies into a window at a football stadium causing public outcry from animal rights groups and highlights how dangerous windows are.

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Meanwhile San Fransisco approves guidelines for new construction to include bird friendly.

Terre Haute, Indiana has a Crow Committee.

Ducks Unlimited is asking hunters to purchase 2 Duck Stamps this year.  Will birders purchase 1?


5 comments to Birdchick Podcast: #65 Eagles and Window Strikes

  • Hammerchick

    Gertrude Stein is the one who said “There’s no there there”

  • I’m a birder. I bought a duck stamp. It is stuck right on my binoculars next to my ABA sticker.

  • Alright, Birdchick! We’re getting a duck stamp. So there! c;

  • As far as Viagra adverts–I imagine that if you’re not very bright, you might think that taking viagra would improve your sexual ability (however you define that) and so you take some before you head out to go cruising for someone to take home with you? That’s the only thing I can think of.

    Banding–Sharon, it sounds like you said that if you have a banding number, you have to CONTACT the person who put on the band. What? You can’t just look it up in a database? I had assumed that each band was an index into a database that you could look up species, time and location of banding, and the information about it (weight, measurements). Surely this data is all centralized! What would happen if some died who had done tons of birding; does that data just disappear?

    “part of the solution, not part of the whiny-pants”. he he!

    I think the idea of surprising the “Crow Committee” in crow costumes is hilarious–but, as Sharon points out, potentially dangerous.

    “if birdwatching continues for more than 4 hours…” LOL.

    Craig Steffen

  • @Scanadensis

    Best so there I’ve heard all week!