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Birdchick Podcast #90: Ryan Gosling & Hawk vs Snake

There’s a meme surrounding actor Ryan Gosling which sort of centers on him being the best boyfriend ever.  It started as a general thing and then each hobby took the Hey Girl theme…and so it has come to birding.  Here is the Tumblr blog and of course, you can like it on Facebook.  Here’s a sample:

In other news there’s a crazy story and photos going around the internet surrounding a hawk stuck with a snake found in the water. The location and snake id are sketchy but the hawk is a young red-tailed (look at how thick those those are) and not a falcon as the website describes.  Also snake people are saying it’s Texas Rat Snake.  Not being HerpChick (yikes, bummer of a name) I’ll defer to them.

Also if you really dig weird looking cardinals, Jim McCormac has them in spades, it started with the yellow cardinal in Ohio and there all sorts of them being posted lacking pigment.  Although, this is not a gynandromorph (half male, half female, it’s just lacking pigment).

Also, if you think squirrels are bad, be grateful you’re not Mary and have a heron raiding the pet fish in your pond.




2 comments to Birdchick Podcast #90: Ryan Gosling & Hawk vs Snake

  • klia

    Those are amazing pics of the hawk and snake.

    Note to self: never read comments, especially on wildlife message boards. ~headdesk~

  • OMG. do you guys have this much fun on each podcast??? Dude, I so have to listen to them all now. And I’m not a poseur OR a poser.