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Birdchick Podcast #107: Counting Birds From Space!

Well, my avian survey work may become obsolete. This is an incredible story about counting the emperor penguins in Antarctica via satellite!  Watch a video of it here on ABC.

An article about how much we don’t understand about bird migration…ie we can’t prove that they sense magnetic fields in their beaks.

Listen to WITS on Minnesota Public Radio.


3 comments to Birdchick Podcast #107: Counting Birds From Space!

  • Don’t worry too much about the bird survey flights just yet. That works well in a high contrast enviroment, but I don’t think it will work so well over the Mississippi river. The birds are dark colored with dark water background and most ducks are too small to be resolved accurately enough species id. I could see them using something similar to a Predator drone though.

  • Barry Manilow huh? Growing up in Idaho, the only concert I ever remember my parents going to was a Barry Manilow concert in Boise. They came home with a sweet 8-track cassette which we listened to regularly. The 1980′s were awesome.

  • mthgordon

    I was reminded of a gardening program I heard on the radio a number of years ago that sponsored a contest: the fifth caller would win a bag of chicken manure. Evidently some people take crap prizes very seriously.