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iPhone Video With A Spotting Scope

Here’s an experimental video of a a red-bellied woodpecker (and some red-winged blackbirds) I took using my iPhone 4s and my Swarovski Spotting Scope.  I’m using my 25 – 50 zoom eyepiece on this one and I did do a wee bit of cropping to take out a small amount of vignetting.

2 comments to iPhone Video With A Spotting Scope

  • I did something similar on Sunday – just-fledged baby long-tailed tits sitting up in a tree. Shame it was windy and mostly cloudy, but at least it wasn’t raining (we’ve had the wettest-ever April here):

  • Still hand-holding your iPhone-scoped shots? If you’re doing the same here, it’s an impressive feat! My hands aren’t nearly that steady and this video is lovely.