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Birdchick Podcast #112: Bird Spies, Swan Egg Thefts

It’s tough to be a banded bird in the Middle East. A dead bee-eater found in Turkey has been accused of being an Israeli spy.  Apparently this is not the first time. Griffin vultures with satellite packs were detained for similar reasons in Saudi Arabia in the past.

Mute swan eggs are being stolen from nests in an Orlando, FL park.  One man was arrested for one particular theft (he ate a couple of the eggs) but the others remain a mystery.  What baffles me is that mute swans are non native so you can’t prosecute people for stealing the eggs…unless these are “pet swans” owned by the city.

Here’s a short video from Birds and Beans about why you should look for shade-grown coffee.

And this made me laugh (and you will too if you are familiar with this meme):


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