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Birdchick Podcast: #113 Hunting & Birding

A European government agency wants to trap hawks to allow more non native pheasants to breed so people can shoot them (and no, this story isn’t from Florida).

An interesting discussion about reporting rare ducks and how some hunters use bird listservs, bird blogs and rare bird hotlines to look for rare ducks to shoot.

OMG the most pretentious article/field guide review I’ve ever read…well, except maybe for that one time a bird book author totally dissed a competitors book and then in the same article touted how awesome his own book was.


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  • I cannot tell you how many times Art has said “I don’t like people”

  • I feel your pain about getting name spelling wrong, although mine’s for different reasons. People can pronounce my last name fine, but they very rarely spell it right on the first try.

    Facebook is stunningly bad, and it seems to continuously go in a worst direction. The only reason I stay on it is because that’s the only way I have contact with a large swath of my extended family.

    Craig Steffen

  • Kathy Walters

    Sharon and Bill,
    I enjoyed for the podcast. I ran across it after looking for more Birds and Beer dates. : ) I just wanted you to know how much I have been enjoying your older blog posts about the Potholes and Prairie Festival birds. You are helping me study birds I will be seeing for the first time. And it finally dawned on me, that I should be searching your blog for Minnesota birds too, since I will be in Minnesota for 5 days before heading into North Dakota.

    Thanks again

  • Crowbones

    Hello, you’ll be pleased to hear that the buzzard nest destruction/removal *proposal* has been dropped (yay!). And not to be pedantic, but it was not to allow the pheasants to breed, but to protect pheasant poults. The pheasant poults in question are intensively bred in pens on shooting estates and then released (in their millions) into the countryside to be shot…which to my mind made the whole thing even more distasteful. And it isn’t about food either. Tonnes and tonnes of these pheasant bags are just dumped and buried because nobody takes them home.

    As for native gamebirds we have grey partridges, quail, red grouse (lots of raptors are poisoned to protect these guys…), and black grouse which are pretty rare and protected :) end infordump ;)

  • Craig

    Hi Sharon,
    Public opinion works, the UK Buzzard plan was cancelled