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Birdchick Podcast: #116 What Happened???

OK, so we kind of got in an argument with the last podcast (certainly not the first time and certainly not the last) so we took it down.  We didn’t realize it would still show up in the feeds.

So we redid it.

Yes, we are still married.

Things we talked about:

Crazy Pants in Duluth, MN wants to shoot hawks…cause they’re what’s wrong with the ecosystem.

Like Omar on The Wire, changes to the American Ornithologists Union taxonomy a’ comin’.

You should listen to Joseph Scrimshaw’s Obsessed Podcast. You can also buy his book here.

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4 comments to Birdchick Podcast: #116 What Happened???

  • Whoah- Crazy Pants in Duluth needs a serious course, talking to, or whatever about basic ecological concepts.

  • mthgordon

    What if Crazy Pants were going after feral cats? Objectively they’re probably more significant predators of songbirds. On the other hand, I’d be surprised if a cat could take a pheasant. Which brings me to the main point: I suspect the defense of songbirds was more of a rationalization to make his motives in shooting pheasant predators seem defensible. Imagine a sheep rancher saying he wants to shoot wolves in order to keep his Pekingese safe. Yeah, right.

  • Shooting wolves to protect pets appears to be a reasonable argument these days. People don’t want to take responsibility for having a prey animal as a family member and keep it safe outdoors, they’d rather shoot predators into oblivion and assume there will always be enough habitat for the predator somewhere. Not taking into account that urban sprawl is removing more and more habitat.

  • Chris

    We’ve got crazy pants over here in the UK too. Apparently it’s magpies killing all our songbirds.