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Blogging From The Field

This post is more of a test to see if I can use the voice to text feature with WordPress and blog while I’m doing a survey in the field.


Above is my current office view. I really love being able to work outside especially during spring and fall migration!


Large flocks of song birds are around me every day right now. The diversity of bird species in the cornstalks around me is amusing. Above is a Nashville warbler. It’s so weird to see warblers and corn.


Here is a swamp sparrow that I was able to pish up out of the corn.


And wherever you have migrating songbirds you’re sure to have migrating raptors to follow. This female merlin got my attention when I saw her sitting on top of one the telephone poles in my survey area. She was just finishing up eating a small bird.

Okay I’ve told my phone everything I wanted to say let’s see if this actually posts.

Also all of these photos were taken by using my iPhone and with the bird photos it was my iPhone along with my Swarovski spotting scope.

6 comments to Blogging From The Field

  • mthgordon

    I’m not sure I’ve shared this detail before. Please forgive me if I have.

    “Pish” is Yiddish for “urinate.”

    And I am twelve.

  • anonymous

    Not to sound snarky, but you set yourself up for this by pointing out your age and definition. In Yiddish, you’d be described as a little pisher, that is, a clever child.

    I’ve known more than one person nicknamed pish (and yes, all involved knew the yiddish definition).

    Sorry birdchick. Languages can be fun. Please continue to educate me about birds.

  • mthgordon

    Ha! Figure of speech. I’m not really twelve. Haven’t been in thirty years. I’m a big pisher now! ;-) My son’s the little pisher. What I mean is that I’m still amused by scatological humor, as a twelve-year-old might be.

  • Ha! Matt, I am so not surprised considering that birders choose wildly inappropriate names for birding techniques…ahem: jizz!

    Now all of you: pish off!

  • sunny fla

    Love the pish lesson. But Sharon I want to know if you saw ears of corn in them there fields?

  • Brian Wisconsin

    Jizz and hummers always makes me giggle.