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Birdchick Podcast #119 Be Safe, Birds vs Cars

Everybody be safe. A very unfortunate story about a bird watcher attacked in Central Park.

Alarmist story about how your bird feeder could be affecting birds.

Car hits a flock of starlings.


4 comments to Birdchick Podcast #119 Be Safe, Birds vs Cars

  • Quick note before I forget it:
    I believe that Cracked recently had an article about the Flintstones being a post-apocolyptic future of the Jetsons. That may not be where it originated, but that’s one version that I saw recently.

  • A mountain lion was stalking you in Miller Canyon, AZ, but not wanting to provoke an attack, I kept it to myself. I’m just glad you made it.

    Nice to hear a podcast from you guys now and then.

  • mthgordon

    The last time I’m aware of having hit a bird (not a turkey, but some small passerine I never got a clear look at) with my car, I was driving a rental. From Avis. It seemed so appropriate.

  • Brian Wisconsin

    IMHO Brownie Lake in Mpls is a place where on should take extra caution. Near the railroad tracks it’s easy access for any transient peoples and the heavy brush that the trail on the east side runs through is an easy place for people to hide and ambush unsuspecting people.

    Not sure where the incident you mentioned happened.