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Podcast #125: Research Opportunities,

Really awesome birding bumper stickers and mugs at BirdNerdz.

There’s a petition to create a “duck stamp” for birders so the money will go to more non game species and not lump birders into hunters on wildlife surveys.

Check out SciStarter. Kind of like Kickstarter but instead of looking for funding, they’re looking for people to participate in research projects.  They have a section just on BIRDS!

Hmmmm…energy companies are not in favor of the lesser prairie chicken being put on the Threatened List.  That’s not suspicious at all…

A crane in New Mexico is debatable for some, clearly a sandhill crane for others.

Should birds have an expiration date on your list?  Whatever.


3 comments to Podcast #125: Research Opportunities,

  • Brian Wisconsin

    Ha! The Texbirds thread even contains a good ol’ fashion’ flounce.

  • mthgordon

    Hunters paying mandatory fees, with stamps as documentary evidence of having paid those fees, makes sense. The relatively expensive stamps make it harder for counterfeiters to avoid paying the fees. When you’re talking about voluntary contributions, printing and distributing a stamp is a needless expense that only reduces the amount of money that actually goes to habitat preservation.

    Several states, including Minnesota, have a mechanism for contributing to non-game wildlife habitat preservation when filing state income taxes, the so-called “Chickadee Checkoff.” I suspect that a federal version of this would be more cost-effective than a voluntary non-game stamp.