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Birdchick Podcast #129: Birds, We Talk About Birds

Stuff that happened while Non Birding Bill and I were out of town:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Black Swamp Bird Observatory launched a website to try and connect young birders called Young Birders Network.

Ornithologist forced to participate in reality tv show.

Some gruesome but awesome images of a lanner falcon and chanting goshawk…that does not end well for at least one of a flock of turtle doves.

The American Birding Association announced the 2013 Bird of the Year and Robert Mortensen of Birding is Fun fame made a hilarious video.  This man knows how to commit:

And this video led to this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.55.37 PM

And then this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.55.53 PM

Sometimes, there are just plain weird projects on Kickstarter and it may be best to quietly navigate away from the page.

The Hitler Hoary Redpoll video…(man, if you’re not a birder, that probably sounds weird).

You can use a pigeon to deliver your mail…but not feel guilty about it!

And you think you have a crappy job



4 comments to Birdchick Podcast #129: Birds, We Talk About Birds

  • Brian Wisconsin

    Amazingly I have been unable to find a Redpoll. Checked the feeders at MWR HQ several times with no luck. Not sure where to go!

  • You could try asking Lynne Shoenborn if you could visit her at Hasty Brook. You could try asking on MOUnet if people in the Twin Cities who have redpolls if they would be willing to let you visit. You could just make a day trip up to Sax Zim Bog. Lots of people are going up and looking for travel buddies to split expenses.

  • 1. I LOVE how you say Favre. =) Hee. Made a former French Club president laugh out loud. I frequently find myself stumped when I see french words in an American-use context ’cause I don’t know how Americans would pronounce it (tho’ I’ve been an American my whole life). And Favre is a great example of that. However, I REFUSE to say kwassahn for croissant.
    2. Re: crappy job, I had some wildlife professors who studied bats. Apparently, standing at the base of a hollowed out tree that is a LONG time roost for bats (or similarly lovely spot in a cave) is also pretty horrifying and unhealthy. Up to your knees in nitrogenous wastes & an AMAZING # of (living and dead) bugs. They said you are wading in piles of poop and crawly bugs. Yay! =)
    3. I love my work, and occasionally that includes fieldwork, but the average person who gets all excited that one is an actual, practicing biologist has no idea how many species have pooped and peed on one. =) And don’t get me started re: roadkill surveys… woo-hoo!
    4. Glad you two are back and podcasting. =)

  • LOL @biobabbler!

    I suddenly realize that my bat survey the last few weeks could have been MUCH worse!!!!

    Also, I sympathize with past French Club Presidents since I had seven years of French. My park service supervisor still makes fun of the way that I say cache.