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Birdchick Podcast #134: Lots of Talking

From the ABA blog–Rise of the Young Birder Clubs.

Eye rollingly bad story about blackbirds roosting in a Kentucky town.

Bird watchers not happy about proposed zip line.

Man who accidentally shot a whooping crane turns himself in.



4 comments to Birdchick Podcast #134: Lots of Talking

  • mtgordon

    Hmmm… a buddy comedy involving a crotchety older character, a younger character, and birds? It’s been done.

  • twitter_Brian_Wisconsin

    I’m going to guess that birding has a nerdish rep. For already self-conscious teens to take part in the first place they need to have maybe more confidence than most teens are able to muster. Add to that the fact that when with a group of birders they are likely to be 50 years younger than most of them. So combine a nerdish holiday with hanging out with your grandparents and you’re going to have a serious road block to any teen becoming a life long birder.

    I likely am the only person blasting Black Flag on my way to the field and am surely the only birder with a Blatz patch safety pinned to my hoodie. Perhaps I bridge the above gap.

  • twitter_Brian_Wisconsin

    Ugh. That should say nerdish hobby.